About Us

We set up Tied Ribbons in 2014, because we wanted to do something meaningful at that point in time. Meaningful for artisans for a better economic return and for recognition of their talents and skills. Meaningful for customers who were looking for quality handcrafted products with a sense of nostalgia but with a contemporary appeal and meaningful for us, who wanted to make a difference through our work.

We are proud to say that our multipronged approach comprising Financial, Design and Market interventions, has helped us revive the dying traditional arts form of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, North east , Gujarat and Maharastra .

In the meanwhile, we have spread our learnings to other craft sectors in different states of India impacting the lives of around 7000 artisans.

India’s Artisan base is primarily rural and it follows naturally that the craft outcomes of this sector are an expression of geographical, local and community-based traditions. The data on the Artisanal sector in India still remains uncertain, with data numbers pointing to a range from 7 million to 200 million. Craft communities are diverse and distributed across all of India’s regions.

Artisanal Craft cultures of India are rich repositories of indigenous tangible and intangible knowledge systems. Many of these are oral, and passed down generations. Some are embedded into crafts processes, material know-how, tools and skills. Still others are encapsulated within rituals, festivals and customs.

Working with craft communities is an enriching experience, full of exploration and discovery. In engaging with artisans, we deeply experience their cultures and traditions. And taking artisanal wares to customers affords us the happy opportunity to transport these cultures to a wider audience.

We believe that in a world that has increasingly become directed towards a mono-culture, conservation of heritage and recognitions accorded to local culture are the way forward for artisanal communities. Join us in our journey as we endeavour to both promote and perpetuate India’s heritage and cultural legacy.

Sudhanshu Tyagi

Sudhanshu Tyagi, the Director and Founder of Tied Ribbons, has worn different hats in his 15 year long corporate journey in the Indian IT and E commerce industry. Working for Corporates like Tesco (UK), Landmark Group(Dubai) and Infosys shaped the initial career. From design to brand creation and styling, he's done it all with elan. A Computer Science Engineer from KNIT Sultanpur and an MBA from the SPJAIN college of Management , Sudhanshu's creative sensibilities bear a strong signature of an upbringing steeped in an appreciation of culture, and the context within which it develops. Over the years he has transitioned to e-commerce sales and brand management for Tied Ribbons. An avid traveller that he is, his sense of adventure has helped Sudhanshu chart a very inspiring path in a decade long e-commere handling, launching and managing new brands and categories in gifts and home decor for the contemporary Indian and International markets. His genuine interest in people, and ability to bring together people from a variety of backgrounds, has led to collaborations in various segments leading to innovative product offerings - both created and curated - that have struck a chord with customers.

Sudhanshu has been a mentor for new sellers on Amazon, inspiring and guiding them in the initial stages.He is a business visitor to innumerable gifts and home decor fares across the globe. In his leisure hours, he loves to play Tennis and plays cricket with his 7 years old son

Priya Tyagi

Priya is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader and has helped the company achieve market leadership with a market valuation of over $20 million USD within a period of 5 years and expanded its operations to over 20 countries. Her expertise in business operations, product management, and investing have played a key role in the company's success.

She has over 10 years of experience in India and 5 years of experience across markets in the US, UK, UAE, and Europe. She has a proven track record of taking ideas and products from inception to execution, having launched 3 successful startups in the online and digital industries.

She is widely recognised as a successful female entrepreneur, having been featured on national television and Tape a Tale series for their significant social impact and speaking frequently at Amazon Seller events.

Her commitment to social responsibility has also helped earn her numerous accolades, including being Featured on national television for "Mahila Swavalamban" for women achievers and Featured in Tape a Tale series for being "The women entrepreneur with huge social impact".

At Tied Ribbons, we stay connected to the splendor through the inspiration of our stories and through the choices we make in product development and packaging and plan to cover the globe.