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Whether you want to buy decorative spiritual idols or garden sculptures, you need to decide from among multiple choices which makes it a confusing task. And especially if you buy idols and figurines online,then the task becomes more tiring. There are simple points which will help you choose Idols and figurines online without much headache.

Gift ideas to buy Decorative idols & figurines

● Idols for home: religious idols for home are one of the most important décor items in the house. You can fit any size idol in your home. Therefore, we have idols which are available in multiple sizes so that you can place them in a large hall or a small cupboard. Available in multiple colours and designs to suit your room theme, these idols blend perfectly with the environment without compromising its brilliance and contrast. You can customize these idols with additional accessories like marbles and hangers for increasing its usability.

● Idols gift for office: The first thing to keep in mind while choosing decors for offices are that of the sizes in which the idols come. Since we do not have too much space for placing in offices, you can go for miniature idols. These idols come with customizable holders so that you can fit them anywhere. You can also include a hanger to hang the idols on mesh or add a lower weight to use them as perfect paperweights.

● Animal idols: Who does not like cute bunnies and racehorses with smooth hair? Elaborately designed animal idols available online range from large animals like horses to small birds like parrots. Ideal for displaying in the garden with beautiful flowers and trees, these idols add aesthetics to the environment. Some of the famous animal figurines are that of a horse head mounted on a log, sleeping bunny on the carpet and beautiful owls on a branch. You can customize the idols to match the surroundings you intend to mount them on, like grass pattern for gardens and wall hanger for hall and other rooms.

● Antique showpiece idols: The first choice if you want to buy spirituality items and idols are that of antique collectors’ items. These carefully designed artefacts give an aura of time and sacredness. Whether you like pirate stories or great mythological stories, you will definitely find your perfect pick from among the pirate ship hull and steering wheel to deity idols with a touch of the moving time. You can mount them anywhere like a wall or hang them or just place them as a memento. You can also customize them to give them a personalized touch to the finishing so that anyone who looks at it recognizes the sole owner of the ancient artefact.

● Silver idols for puja room: Silver has always been an important ingredient in case of spiritual awakening. And if you happen to look for religious & spiritual idols online,we have the perfect arsenal for you. From Lord Buddha to Hanuman, we have the widest range of idols in the silver range. Additionally, all the idols are customizable with custom stands and holders and also have a provision of boxing in glass so that you are not required to dust them every day. Moreover, you can pair them with additional accessories to match your taste.

● Buddha idols for the garden: The absolute best idol next in the list to buy spiritual items and idols online is that of the Buddha idols. The wide range of the Buddha idols makes it easier for you to choose the one which grabs your eye on the first look. These garden idols are well suited to outside conditions and are resistant to water and temperature changes. They are available in multiple sizes so that you can put them anywhere from your meditation space to hanging them on a garden basket.

● Baby Krishna idol: These beautiful gold plated idols for online purchase are best suitable for your puja room and showcases. The Eye-catching design will leave everyone flabbergasted on looking at it. Specially prepared to look cute in any background, the gold plays its role perfectly.

● Decorative religious idols: These idols are prepared for decorative intention but also serve as spiritual idols for home if bought online from us. These are made in multiple colours and are completely customizable so that you get more personalized feelings and aura. You can choose from multiple deities and make a collection of idols to make a complete set of devotion.

Making the gift special

When you buy idols & figurines online, the first question to pop in your head is that of the delivery system. Therefore, we have a dedicated delivery unit to reduce your anxiety. Moreover, if you buy decorative figurines online in sets, then you are eligible for completely loyalty free delivery, you also get these facilities for buying home decor statues online irrespective of their sizes. Hope you enjoy your virtual shopping!

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Gifts for parents and family Religious idols like that of  Lord Ganesha , Lord Shiva, Lord Krishna, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Parvati, Onkar and more
Gifts for friends Lord Buddha, Laughing Buddha, Baby Krishna, Onkar, showpieces, etc.
Garden Decor Peace Buddha Statue Showpiece
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Model: B089GQGBC1
Package Contains :- 1 Buddha Idol Garden Décor Statue/Showpiece.Size & Material :- Size : (13 X 17.5 Cm, L X H) | Material : Resin.Perfect Garden Decoration Item to add an unique special look to your garden.Every piece is hand-painted and has a protective coating to ensure that it doesn’t fade in th..
Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,499.00
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Lord Buddha Idol Statue for Home Indoor
-53 %
Model: B089FKYCH4
Package Contains :- 1 Pc. Buddha Idol/Statue.Size & Material :- Size -13 X 17.5 Cm, (L X H) | Material - Polyresin.MURDRA - Is a symbolic, ritualistic gesture used in yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism. The word is Sanskrit meaning “gesture,” “mark” or “seal.” Mudras are most commonly known as hand positio..
Rs. 699.00 Rs. 1,499.00
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3.0 10 Reviews
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