Personalized Table Top Lamps

A room without a table feels empty, and similarly, a table without accessories feels empty. And, therefore, it is especially essential to decorate your table accordingly. Since a table is something of a wide range of utility, it is important not to clutter it and yet make it attractive. So, we, at Tied Ribbons, introduce you to our collection of tabletops.

Personalized Table Top Lamp Online

Decorating a table is a satisfying task and to make the task more cheerful we bring you the best collection of personalized Table Top Online items like Photo Stand, glass, Mugs, calendar, wood frame, Crystal Photo Stand, Engraved frame, and Table top Sculpture which you can use to decorate your table whether it is a dining table or bed table. You can refer to our list of items for better understanding.

Gift Options:

• Personalized Special Table Top: These table tops are perfect for decorating your room which you share with your loved one be it your girlfriend or your wife. You can get personalized couple names tabletops by printing your beautiful selfies or pictures from memorable moments.

• Customized Desk Clock: Clocks are one of the most important things in the room, and the clocks for the tabletop are all-time classics. The trend of tabletop clocks never grows old, especially when you have super customizable clocks for your table. You can add custom images inside the clock face for marking your territory.

• Personalized photo Calendar: Calendars are also important since your analogue clocks don’t show day and date. Hence, these hanging fantasies come into play. Quite big with clear marking, these calendars can also be used for marking your territory with personalized pictures in the display area.

• Personalized Rotating Pen Holder: By a common tradition, tables are most used for studying and writing, and it would be a shame for you to stand up every time to get a pen. And, hence, the existence of the pen holders come into play.

Personalized LED Alarm Clocks: Different from the traditional tabletop watches these are the new generation watches which feature a LED array to display your time. These can show you the date and time as well. Imagine getting up at night and fumbling among your stuff to get a torchlight to see the time, now to save you from these exact disasters we use LED display clocks. With a backlit display, you can always view the time comfortably.

Gifting Tabletops

Buying tabletops from Tied Ribbons is an extremely easy task because with every purchase you are entitled to free delivery of that item; hence you don’t have to worry about the shipping. Additionally, if you want us to add additional items to the list, you can always contact us for the same. Hope you have a nice shopping experience.

Personalised Photo Frame
-45 %
Model: TR-21-PersonaliosedPhotoFrame-PP001
Photo frame Print can be self changed easily by opening back panelPersonalized gift for some one specialGreat product display idea for restaurants, cafe and corporate signage..
Rs. 599.00 Rs. 1,099.00
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