Personalized Photo Lamps

Photos are something we preserve as memories and, hence, are close to our hearts. Hence, these photos need a special place to dwell. Keeping this in mind, we bring you some of the best photo lamps available at Tied Ribbons. You can select your favourite lamp from our huge collection and then preserve your picture next to it.

Buy Customized Photo Lamps Online

Today, memory means the 128 gigabytes we carry in our pockets, but some memories are worth more than those 128 gigabytes can handle, these have their storage unit inside our hearts. Such precious memories deserve a special place to exist so that everyone can admire them. Hence, we bring you the most exclusive range of photo lamps to store your precious memories right next to the last thing which glows before you go to sleep. You can select and buy Personalized Photo frames, photo Lamps for your loved ones like mom, dad, grandparents, siblings, spouse and other important people in your life from our big arsenal of photo lamps. Now jump into the list to find the best pick for you.

Gift Ideas for Personalized Photo Lamps:

• Photo Printed lamp: These are amongst the best Personalized Photo Lamps Online. With pre-fitted beautiful posters, these lamps give off a brilliant glow at night. You can personalize these posters and add your own unique pic for a more custom effect.

• Family photo printed Lamp: Buy Personalized Photo Lamps big enough to accommodate your full family; these lamps are great for wide posters like the one you have the photo of your family with. These can be combined with traditional bulbs to give an ancient look.

• Personalized Rotating Lamp Mini: This small and cute lamp best fits beside your bedside table. With brilliant lighting, even though it has a small size, it is perfect for disco type lighting. You can add coloured lamps and turn the rotating bulbs on to give it a nice portable disco effect.

• Personalized Couple Moonlight Lamp: Moonlight is notoriously famous for romanticizing the environment, especially when you are with your loved ones. Ode to that tradition this moonlight lamp serves the same purpose, the only difference is that it lights up your room instead of the roof of your house.

• Wooden Personalized Photo Lamp: This classic piece is made fully out of wood and features a great frame to hold your precious memories. The best part of being the wood is that it is completely biodegradable. It has very sharp lights which you can adjust using the lamp sheds.

Getting the Photo Lamps

We are sure that you liked our collection of lamps. If you buy lamps from Tied Ribbons, then you can avail for the free home delivery services. You can also add combos to the kit for buying more stuff without paying extra for the deliveries. If you are happy with your purchase, then you can write to us and suggest some new ideas too!

Personalised Photo Frame
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