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7 Personalized Gifts You Can Send To Your Brother Living Away

Our siblings are our first-ever best friends. We grow up together from being silly toddlers to arguing teenagers and later blossom into grown-up sensible adults who value relationships. Well, this journey of transforming from a young caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly is best enjoyed with a brother or a sister from the same mother. This is one such relationship that never loses its charm, lustre or glory over some time or distance. There’s hardly any set of brother-sisters who do not gather around on Raksha Bandhan. Thanks to the internet geographical distance has nothing on brother-sister relationships. Now you can send rakhi online Hyderabad along with rakhi gifts for brother or sister at the touch of a mouse button.

Like ours, if your brother is also based in Hyderabad we have a list of best-personalized gifts and rakhi delivery in Hyderabad choices that will lay the pressure off your head. Before you buy rakhi gifts online, here’s a list of all the personalized gifts you can send to your brother living in Hyderabad.


There’s nothing like a trip down the memory lane on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Take your Hyderabad brother on the journey to your notorious childhood with memorabilia of your childhood photos placed in an artistic photo book.

Old photo sketch

Unleash the artist in you and sit down to sketch an old photo of you both. Revisit your carefree childhood days as you scout through the perfect photo to sketch for him as a rakhi gift. Frame it and send it across with a beautiful traditional rakhi.

Brother-sister t-shirts

It sure sounds clichéd but works the best. You could photo t-shirts or even brother-sister name t-shirts to make the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan. Not just on the day of Rakhi, you both will thoroughly enjoy dressing up these T-shirts on regular days too.

Photo Rakhi Box

You are one only Google search away from the most artsy-looking Rakhi gift box with your photos inside. The boxes consist of rice, tikka, rakhi and a pack of sugar for ‘muh mithai’. They are quite affordable and can be personalized too.

Personalized stationery

Studying in Hyderabad or grabbing paychecks at the big shot firms, your brother sure needs his stationary in place. Get him personalized stationery with name initials, photos and even your ‘coin’ words imprinted.

Name key chains

He is always losing his keys so you might as well get him a set of key chains that distinguish his keys from the lot. Get his name initials inscribed on metal key chains for all his keys. This way he’ll remember his keys and also his favorite sister.

Name Initials House Plate

Your little brother is not so little anymore. The one who rode the bicycle with you once is now moving into his new self-owned apartment in Hyderabad. This Raksha Bandhan, leave a mark of yourself at his new abode as you buy a name initial house plate for him. Get his name inscribed on marble, glass or metal plate. Tell him you’re proud of his achievements in life.

This Raksha Bandhan, feel closer to your brother as you send rakhi to Hyderabad with a trusted rakhi delivery in Hyderabad. Before you book online rakhi delivery in Hyderabad, make sure to check their reviews online. It is advisable to be doubly sure about the delivery partners before you send rakhi online. Make each festival count with your long-distance brother because geographical barriers go nothing on you two brats who grew up to be these tight-knit family members. Revisit the beautiful days of your glorious childhood on this special Hindu festival because seize the day, there’s no tomorrow.

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