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10 Online Gift Ideas For Your Long-Distance Brother In Chennai

Chennai is one of the most technologically-advanced metropolitan cities of India. It is also the cultural hub and heritage spot of India where thousands of pilgrims travel every year in the hope of fulfilling their dreams. Besides all of that, it is also a big education centre that houses world-famous universities like IIT Madras, Anna University and the University of Madras. Young school graduating students flock to the coastal city only to experience the magical Chennai life. Amongst so many of these young children could be your brother too. He’s probably spending his days in the hostel, missing family and friends but we do have a way for you to make him feel closer to the family. As the festival of Raksha Bandhan edges closer, you can send online rakhi to Chennai through a rakhi delivery in Chennai. Keeping those aside, have you ever thought of rakhi gifts for a brother? Now that you’re going to send rakhi online, you might as well buy rakhi gifts online for your long-distance brother.

For your convenience we have curated a list of unique gift ideas for your brother. Take a look!

Engraved leather wallet

Nothing is better than a leather wallet for your growing brother. He’s got to learn how to be a man and the journey begins with a branded genuine leather wallet with his initials inscribed.

Personalized table clock

The one who’s always running late must be gifted a table clock that too with his face on it. For good or worse, he will at least turn up on time for his classes.

Leather mobile cover

This reckless child with a broken mobile screen must be given due attention and a mobile cover. A sturdy and posh looking mobile cover could be a perfect rakhi gift for your brother in Chennai.


Fitness may be the last thing on his mind but you need him to get back on track with FitBit. This smart fitness tracker will not only keep his health in check but also motivate him to work harder.

Handmade pencil carvings

This is a super unique, artsy and very much usable as a home décor item. Get your brother this stylish handmade pencil cravings design with his name on it. Being the art-loving kid that he is, he will jump with joy at the sight of it.

Wish bottles

You never made any wishes because he wasn’t grown up enough to fulfil. Be the commanding sister that you are and give him a bottle full of wishes that he must fulfil for his dear sister.

Groom kits

Longbeards are in trend but maintaining it never comes easy. Gift him a high-end grooming kit for his extra-long beard and untameable mane. Teach him the mantra – a well-groomed man attracts more opposite-sex attention than he’d imagine.

Classy backpacks

If your brother is always jetting off to the mountains or beaches at the drop of a pin? He’d rather spend his long weekend at a quaint homestay in Pondicherry than lounge in his living room then a classy backpack would be the perfect gift for him.

Comfortable gym wears

Fitness is important but so is comfort. Unhealthy or not, your brother should make those gym trips more often than now and lack of gym wear shouldn’t be any of the hurdles. Under Armour or Fila gym wear could be one of the many gym wear brands to check out for him.

Hand of the King brooch

Game of Thrones fans would love this one. If he’s one then this gift is ideally tailor-made for h=him.

Since your baby brother is far away, the least you can do is send rakhi to Chennai via a trusted online rakhi delivery in Chennai. When you send rakhi to Chennai, do not forget to add a personal touch with a hand-written note or homemade sweets.

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