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10 Delectable Raksha Bandhan Cakes To Add Sweet Flavours Of Love

One of the best parts of Raksha bandhan is feasting on sweets and delicacies. After all the hectic preparations for weeks, nonetheless, the charm of the festival is worth the wait. In old times, people resorted to homemade porridge and then gradually moved to Besan ke Laddoo and Kaju Katli.

However, the times have changed. And no wonder, we are always seeking and coming up with new treats to binge on. So, just like many, if you are done with the quintessential sweets and want to try something new this Raksha Bandhan, here are 10 Raksha Bandhan cakes in different flavours, patterns or designs to satiate your taste buds. Take the guide:

1. Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is one of the most loved cakes of all times and we know you are kidding if you say, you don’t fall for chocolate cakes. They are one of the most magical cake types befitting all celebrations and occasions. You may choose any of the chocolate cake varieties like chocolate mud cake, chocolate truffle cake etc.

2. Black Forest Cake

Black Forest cake is the classic best loved by all age groups and will be blissfully shared by all during the Raksha Bandhan celebration. Sweeten the celebration with the classic best Black Forest. They have witnessed various twists like German Black Forest, 5-star Black Forest and so forth.

3. Strawberry Heart Cake

Strawberry is the fruit of love. Show some sibling love to your brother or sister with the dreamy and delish strawberry cake. The heart shape of the cake is sure to exhibit the true flavours of love.

4. Tier Cake

Want to add a dash of grandness to the occasion? Tier cake is surely your option. You can choose the cake in any flavour and the cake is sure to exude the grandeur. The spectacular looking tier cake is sure to turn your normal Raksha Bandhan celebration into a grander one.

5. Photo Cake

Add a touch of thoughtfulness to the celebration by opting for a photo cake. Choose a love filled photo of your sibling and yourself for the flavourful photo cake and once they unbox the cake, they are sure to gleam in joy.

6. Raksha Bandhan Fondant Cake

A Raksha bandhan fondant cake means a cake with a fondant image of either a Rakhi thread, cartoon Bhai-Behen figures, name of your sibling, Om symbol or a simple message saying ‘Happy Raksha Bandhan’. You can get as creative as you want.

7. Fruit Cake

Festivals can get a bit overwhelming with so many lavish festival food. Let your signature Raksha Bandhan treat not fall into the category. Opt for the healthy fruit cake which will not add a lot to your calories and be lighter on your tummy.

8. Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet is quite a new introduction in the list of popular cakes and will make your sibling jump in joy. The dreamy-creamy cake with its unique flavours will gratify the taste buds and open the doors of sweet indulgence.

9. Mango Cake

Because it is mostly summer during the month of summer, why not taste the true flavour of the season. If you are looking for a healthy yet delectable treat, the unblemished mango cake is an all time goodness to rely on.

10. Butterscotch Cake

Butterscotch cake is an ideal light and creamy cake to make a statement during Raksha Bandhan. This universally admired dessert with well whipped cream and crunchy caramel is as blissful to look as it is to taste.

So this Raksha Bandhan, add smiles to your day with these prettiest looking and appetizing flavours of the cake that will stand true to the essence of the festival.

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